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Welcome to the GDUSA Blog


Milton Kaye (pictured left) founded GDUSA in 1963.   His son, Gordon Kaye (pictured right at a family event in 1980) is the Publisher of GDUSA and     has been working full time at the magazine since 1990.

Welcome to GDUSA’s new blog, the launch of which roughly coincides with the start of our 50th anniversary of publishing.

Let me take you back to 1963. A then visionary publisher released the first issue of a magazine that would change the landscape of publishing, help shape the culture of post-war America, and become a household word.

That magazine  — Hugh Hefner’s Playboy with the inaugural cover featuring a flirtatious Marilyn Monroe. The same month, my father, Milt Kaye, started Graphic Design USA to somewhat less acclaim,  an inherently smaller audience, and a less riveting cover story about the new RCA logo. Of these two publications, it is fair to say that the beginning, the mission, the covers, and the trajectory have had little in common these past 50 years.

One thing I am guessing that Hugh Hefner and my dad did have in common is that they did not foresee the coming of the blog, much less the internet and all its attendant wonders and woes. Milt never understood new technologies. He took a principled stand against the fax machine; why should we supply the paper for other people’s messages?  My father fought against the collection and use of email addresses — they were confusing and would never take hold — thus setting GDUSA seriously back for a couple of years during the 90s. The internet was the most perplexing.  Once when we blew a fuse in our offices, he came running out asking if we had broken the internet. To this day, from his nursing home bed, he urges me to stop wasting time with “that digital stuff,” and get back to real, manly, honest, American work of filling print pages and selling print ads. I am guessing that Heff (can I call you Hef?) would agree, though the genre of photography he championed has apparently had some small success infiltrating a website or two.

In all honesty, there is part of me that would love to wrap myself only in print; it feels and looks and smells so good. But that ship has sailed and, probably, for the better.  GDUSA today is a printed magazine of which I am exceedingly proud. But it is also a website, two e-newsletters, custom eblasts, an app, a competition organizer, and a generator of social media. We have a loyal core of direct mail and e-subscribers. And today we introduce a blog that will add another layer of timely content for the creative community.

When I visit my father in the home next Sunday, I will tell him about the blog. He will be confused.



  1. Vicki Young says: January 17, 20133:35 pm

    Gordon, great blog! Congratulations on GDUSA’s 50th. Always look forward to getting the new issue, and will enjoy the blog. Love the photo of you and your Father! All Best, Vicki

  2. Alan Gorelick says: January 17, 20132:24 pm

    Hello Gordon.

    I was a young 26 year old, starting my lifelong career as a graphic designer, art director and design firm principal. I can remember reading the premier issue of GRAPHIC DESIGN : NY (as it was called back then for a number of years). I still welcome the arrival of the printed monthly.

    Some history:
    Back then, the only monthly publications were ART DIRECTION — I believe published by the New York Art Directors Club and CA Magazine, which began publishing in August 1958, originally on a monthly basis out of California.

    Best wishes on this milestone.

    - Alan

  3. zerDrumma says: January 10, 201312:20 am

    great site.

  4. Talamieka Brice says: December 31, 201210:57 pm

    Beautiful words, thanks for sharing. I look forward to reading more.

  5. Graphic Design on the Bunny Slope says: December 21, 20126:01 am

    [...] begins Gordon Kaye’s warm and personal introduction to the new GDUSA blog—further testament to the mag’s perseverance and adaptation—and, of course, its longstanding [...]

  6. Jen Killian says: December 20, 201212:41 am

    Congrats and welcome to the blgosphere! Looking forward to seeing more soon.

  7. The Creative Group says: December 19, 20125:28 pm

    Congratulations on the blog! We are so excited to follow your posts, as well as continue reading the print magazine, newsletters and tweets.

  8. Tim Needham says: December 19, 20125:25 pm


    Wow nice blog – your Dad had a solid vision and you have carried it forward. Many other magazine have come and went – a few are now tired and GD is blogging and good work. Tell Mllton I say hello.


  9. Bob Wagner says: December 19, 20125:05 pm

    Gordon and GDUSA Team:

    Thanks for sharing your first blog. Love it! Look forward to future posts. And a BIG congratulations on your 50th anniversary year!

    Bob Wagner, Xerox Corporation

  10. Josh Chen says: December 19, 20124:45 pm

    Congrats Gordon and GDusa on the blog launch. Fun read, thanks for sharing the stories. Happy Holidays and best wishes for 2013! – Josh

  11. Monna Morton says: December 19, 20121:34 pm

    Great Post! I read GDUSA and love the feel of having print in my hands as well. I remember my first issue of GDUSA and I held on to it for inspiration and aspiration with hopes of one day being in one of the articles. I have won a few GDUSA awards which I am very proud of. Will stay tuned to the blog!

  12. Susan Newman says: December 19, 201212:57 pm

    Welcome to the blog medium! I love Graphic Design USA and read each printed copy as it arrives, but we all must embrace the web and the reach is gives us across other cultures.

  13. Pam Williams says: December 19, 201212:53 pm

    For starters, what a wonderful photo of you and your Dad, Gordon.

    This is a wonderful story, it made me laugh loud, several times. It also reminds me of just how long you have been out there, talking, writing, publishing, and sharing stories about and for the creative community. 50 years…WOW.

    When you visit your father next Sunday, would you tell him all of us over here at Williams and House are waving hello from Connecticut.

    And, next time we see you, we’ll raise a glass to you, to your team, to toast 50 wonderful years of stories, connections, friends and good times. Congratulations!


  14. Lisa House says: December 19, 201212:40 pm

    Good luck for another wonderful year, Gordon. I really enjoyed this first post…and so look forward to more!

  15. Cindy says: December 19, 201211:34 am

    Looking good Gordon, GDUSA will be a welcome addition to the blogosphere.

  16. James Stewart says: December 19, 201211:24 am

    Great start to what I’m sure will be a informative and entertaining blog! Thanks for sharing.

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