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In the Summer of ’69 (really), a groovy new act hit the scene. “International Paper Dolls” were the stars of a psychedelic showcase by International Paper Company, long-time proponents of the power of print. Ticonderoga Text, the colorful doll, Springhill Index, the versatile doll and Springhill Tag, the strong doll (shown here) were just a few of the many stars that appeared in the “longest line of performing papers.”


Ticonderoga Text: The Colorful Doll. “TiText is an established star.”

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I think it’s fair to say that Instagram raised more than a few eyebrows with their recent claim that they were going to sell their account holder’s photos without payment or notification. Overwhelming public backlash led to a prompt “clarification” from Instagram on their blog but the whole situation got me thinking about new ways to hold on to my favorite Instagram pictures. One solution I stumbled upon is Printstagram, which offers a really wide range of print options for your Instagram photos like stickers, calendars, posters and — my favorite option — an adorable little book. All you do is send them your favorite 24 Instagram photos and they turn it into a Tinybook. (Choose 72 images and you get 3 unique books.) I fear I may be saying my final farewell to Instagram before long but at least I’ll have my Tinybook.

Tinybook, 3 for $10 at  Printstagram (1.7″ x 1.5″)

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Milton Kaye (pictured left) founded GDUSA in 1963.   His son, Gordon Kaye (pictured right at a family event in 1980) is the Publisher of GDUSA and     has been working full time at the magazine since 1990.

Welcome to GDUSA’s new blog, the launch of which roughly coincides with the start of our 50th anniversary of publishing.

Let me take you back to 1963. A then visionary publisher released the first issue of a magazine that would change the landscape of publishing, help shape the culture of post-war America, and become a household word.

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