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Have you ever considered using aerial photography in your designs? Beautiful photos taken from way up high convey a sense of scale that nothing Earth-bound really can.

Whether you’€™re trying to communicate vastness, love nature-made geometric patterns, or just want something that’s ideal as a full background image, these 23 gorgeous aerial photographs from the 500px Prime collection are perfect.

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Guest Blog Post by The Creative Group

For some, the Fall feels like a new beginning, with challenges and workload ratcheting up. For others, the Summer mentality, and the cobwebs, linger. Either way, a little extra shot of design inspiration wouldn’t hurt.

As part of the Creative Team of the Future project, The Creative Group and AIGA asked more than 750 designers to share their secrets for jump-starting creativity. Here are five noteworthy nuggets of advice:

Businesswoman Using Laptop In Coffee Shop
1. Head for the coffee shop in the next town over for a fresh perspective.

2. Brainstorm with someone who is NOT a designer.

3. Form a creativity group at work to share ideas and current projects.

Woman taking pictures at her mobile on a bus
4. Start a photography habit to capture inspiration wherever you go.
5. Take a cue from the experts by following these 12 tips from Disney’s Yellow Shoes Creative Group, McKesson, National Parks magazine, Square and Target.

You can find more about the Creative Team of the Future project, a preview of which ran in GDUSA’s July/August magazine. And you can more bright ideas for getting inspired on the TCG Blog.

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Google is innovating again, this time by introducing a new way for businesses of all shapes and sizes to raise their profile and connect with consumers on the web. Called Google Business View, the technology brings a business to life with a high quality, 360 degree, interactive virtual tour that lets consumers experience and explore panoramic views of retail shops, restaurants, clubs, galleries, event spaces, gyms, services, and facilities of all kinds. The virtual tour appears on the businesses’ website, and – here is the kicker – is  visible on Google Search results, Google Maps, and Google+. The images can also be used for various other advertising and marketing purposes.

The prime movers of Google Business View are a small and select cadre of photographers – dubbed Google Trusted Photographers – who are stringently trained to take high-quality photographs of interiors and facilities, and certified to access the Google technology and know-how that turns the pictures into a dramatic panoramic interactive showcase for potential customers. It is their expertise, combined with Google’s power, that can make companies standout.

Recently, I had a chance to speak with a prolific and successful Google Trusted Photographer, Jeffrey Rosenberg, who has brought Google Business View to several businesses on the North Shore of Long Island, New York. His recent photographic shoots have run the gamut from large and extensive venues — such as a renowned golf club and a venerable catering hall — to more contained locations including a dental office, an eyeglass store, and a hair salon.


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Some 15 years ago I was giving a talk about stock photography trends at a conference and exhibit. Later I wandering the aisles, in a state that can only be called “trade show fatigue” — you know, flourescent lighting, hard floors, stale air, indecipherable products, junk food, bad ties, institutional hotel, keep losing my entry badge, miss my kids — when a person came over and introduced himself as a (not so) distant relative who was a commercial photographer and who knew (vaguely) that we were in the same (sort of) industry.

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