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It was “The Silicon Valley of the 19th Century.”

For roughly 100 years — from 1818 right through to the early years of the 20th century — the West Point Foundry in New York’s Hudson Valley was one of America’s great industrial and innovation centers, designing and manufacturing armaments that helped turn the tide of the Civil War, as well as a steady stream of steam engines, industrial machinery, cast-iron fittings, and more. Changing times and technologies ultimately led to its abandonment, and the 87-acre site fell into disrepair. In 1996, it came under the protection of Scenic Hudson, an advocacy group which works to restore the Hudson River and surrounding landscape.


Scenic Hudson, in turn, commissioned C&G Partners, the award-winning multi-specialty design studio based in Manhattan, to design interpretive graphics, signage and exhibits for its new West Point Foundry Preserve. C&G Partners has counted Yankee Stadium, JFK Airport, the Hearst Corporation, and the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation among its past and present clientele for signage, wayfinding, exhibits and environments. The goal of the project for Scenic Hudson: to bring to life the history and spirit of the Foundry while enhancing it as a destination for recreation and contemplation.

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As an avid New York Yankees fan I find it hard to even write about the 2013 Major League Baseball season. I can go on and on about Mo’s untimely exit or the DL list that just got longer and longer as the season went on but even I’m sick of all the whining and I will not bore you with the details. The baseball season has come to an end in Maryland as well but Ashton Design, a multi-disciplinary design consultancy based in Baltimore, Maryland is still rejoicing.

Ashton Design, well-known for their environmental graphics in settings ranging from sports arenas and school campuses to public spaces and retail centers, recently completed the environmental graphics for the newly renovated Dodger Stadium.

Dodger Stadium/ Photographed by Tom Bonner - Job ID: 5908

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