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Guest Post by David Moritz
President/Founder, Viceroy Creative

Creative agencies as a group are notorious for not tending their own branding and marketing garden as zealously as they do for their clients. It would be fairly ironic to launch into a dissertation on why these activities are important, as the very agencies I would be speaking to (my own included) will be routinely making that exact same case to their clients and prospective clients!  We all know the pitch; we make it almost daily.  It’s good, essential even, everyone needs it – then by and large why don’t we do it?  Let’s explore a few reasons, refute them, and see if we can convince ourselves to make a sustained internal marketing effort.

My own agency recently went through a successful and intense rebranding, repositioning and marketing effort where for the better part of a year we treated our own internal project in as serious, sustained, and regimented a process as we would a client project.


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Guest Blogpost by Diane Domeyer
Executive Director, The Creative Group 

Marketing is not just for ad agencies and corporations. How effectively are you promoting yourself and your work? Just like businesses benefit from branding, so too can individuals. A consistent and compelling brand attracts clients; impresses supervisors and hiring managers; and leads to more assignments, responsibilities and job offers. But you have to pull everything together and package it well.


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“Disruptive brands are reinventing the way we work and behave . . . ”
-John Diefenbach, Disruptive Brands/Disruptive Leaders

For half a century, the global markets and the technologies that drive the global markets have been manifested and illustrated by brands. Today, we live in a wide world where we have come to expect internet brands to disrupt businesses, often changing the game by inventing or re-inventing the way we work and behave. One could say that brands like Amazon, eBay, Facebook and Google, not in existence less than 20 years ago, are now among the most important and well-recognized brands of today’s economy. How did we get to this place of expectation about the adventurous and positive role of new companies in society?

John Diefenbach, Chairman of MBLM, explores the history of branding in his web series, Disruptive Brands/Disruptive Leaders, transitioning through the 1980’s and 1990’s toward global consumer facing brands. A branding luminary, John has worked across the world and has a particular passion for brands where national culture is involved. His clients have included British Airways, Lufthansa, South African Airways, Kodak, Mercedes, Disney, Coca Cola, and the Alfred Nobel Foundation.

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Of all the many areas of graphic design that I get to think and write about, my favorite is branding. It’s design, it’s art, it’s business, it’s strategy, it’s psychology, it’s pop culture.


That’s why I am enjoying a new — and fast expanding — digital documentary series called On Branding. The series is dedicated to introducing audiences to authentic brands that live to connect with their consumers. Each episode involves brand creators, innovators, entrepreneurs and experts talking branding. Brands and experts explored run the gamut from Fortune 500 companies to organic, homegrown successes.

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