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Guest Blog Post by Thaddeus B. Kubis, Edited by Robert Antonik


Introducing Brain-Rust™

GDUSA presents this blog by the folks at Brain-Rust™, which is a responsive designed portal for communication mavens with a desire to expand their knowledge and professional development by integrating online and offline marketing tools, into highly active avenues of new lines of profit. Via this blog and elsewhere, Brain-Rust will provide direct and in-direct benefits for you to add to your skill set, expand your client’s marketing options, and enhance your profit generating skills.

Brain-Rust via this blog will provide two levels of continuing education and a benefit driven summary. Level One is the Second Learning Cycle. A simple quick read that is short and to the point that offers an immediate exchange of knowledge. Level Two is the Expanded Learning Cycle, which provides an expanded, in-depth supply of information (still brief) that you can review and read at your leisure or when you have the time and feel the need to “learn.”

The Brain-Rust Mantra:  “Monkeys are trained, people are taught.”




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