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Looking for a New Creative Job in 2014?

The Creative Group 2014 Salary Guide

The end of the year is almost here and you may be thinking about a new job. According to The Creative Group’s 2014 Salary Guide  the average starting salaries for creative and marketing positions are expected to go up 3.3% in the coming year. Good news for those of you who need a fresh start in 2014!

This ever-useful guide features a projection of average starting salary ranges for more than 125 positions in the creative and marketing fields. The salary figures are based on a variety of sources, including the thousands of full-time and freelance placements made by The Creative Group each year, insights from the firm’s staffing and recruiting professionals, and a comprehensive analysis of current and future hiring trends. The guide also includes an overview of the skills and positions in greatest demand, as well as salary adjustments for local variances.

Here is a sampling of salary projections for five design roles:

Position: Graphic Designer (3 to 5 years experience)
Salary Range: $50,000 – $69,500
Percent Increase: 2.4%

Position: Art Director (5+ years experience)
Salary Range: $70,750 – $102,000
Percent Increase: 3.9%

Position: Game Designer
Salary Range: $62,750 – $98,250
Percent Increase: 5.2%

Position: Mobile Designer
Salary Range: $66,000 – $103,000
Percent Increase: 6.3%

Position: User Experience (UX) Designer
Salary Range: $78,000 – $120,000
Percent Increase: 7.5%

You can also use The Creative Group’s handy Salary Calculator to help figure out if this is the year to find a new job! 

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  1. Von says: December 26, 20137:24 am

    Wow that is good to hear!

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