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We just couldn’t pass up posting this ad for Art Staff from August of 1969.

How fondly we remember the good old days when art direction meant “accurate comps, mechanicals and finished art.” Bernard Tango aka “Bernie” is quite dashing too. Even though he wasn’t the “art director to win the Pan American dancing competition in 1938,” we’d hire him any day of the week!

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Document: is a new magazine created by students at the Shintaro Akatsu School of Design (SASD) at the University of Bridgeport. Each issue will document diverse cultural responses to universally important themes.


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Hammermill Hy•O•Lite Insert , April 1968

“If lightweight printing papers give your pressman indigestion . . .
Give him Hammermill Hy•O•Lite with soothing Anti-Stat”

Long Live Print!

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I love newspapers. I read an (unnamed) New York City tabloid for 45 minutes every morning.  When I hold a newspaper, I grasp an achievable and enjoyable goal, a process I want to return to every day.

When I see a news site designed like a newspaper, the feeling is much different. I consume a lot of my online news through aggregators, often ending up at a predictable handful of established “old media” sources.  Yet I have no desire to click around the twenty sections and sub-blogs of those dailies just to see what the paper is offering today.  The navigation lacks joy, lacks flow, those UI elements that make you want to explore further. It isn’t nearly all it could be. It is a dangerous time for establishment news organizations: a time of deep Lock In.

Lock In is a peculiar problem – it sneaks up on industries, it takes them over, it renders them structurally obsolete.

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