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In a recent enewsletter GDUSA publisher Gordon Kaye suggested that graphic design trends in diverse areas such as print design, logo design and use of color had become too influenced by digital technology and that designers may begin to embrace more traditional and artisanal approaches. He also noted, in part, that “our 51st Anniversary Print Design Survey reveals a sense among designers that the pendulum has swung too far from print communications” and the element of touch and physicality is being lost in the “digital clutter”. We were greatly honored when design legend George Tscherny  found these comments to resonate and added his own simple but profound message:

too many buttons
too many apps
too much twitter

Mr. Tscherny included his design for the AIGA Centennial in which AIGA invited 100 designers to pick a year from the last century to illustrate. George Tscherny picked 1947 and selected to illustrate the barcode which was developed in 1947/1948 and patented in the early 1950s. The design evokes his plea to “humanize technology,” which Mr. Tscherny explains is not a plea for robots but “rather of thoughts recollected in tranquility* amid all the digital clutter.” We couldn’t agree more!

* “Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility.” -William Wordsworth, Lyrical Ballads

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In a recent column, to make the point that time was passing me by, I noted that U2 was the last band I cared about. Since we asked our annual People To Watch panel who was their favorite musician, I looked back to the January-February magazine to see if there was a consensus or a pattern. But this being the graphic design community, there was no agreement, only lots of diversity.


It turns out that the Beatles topped the list, technically speaking, since they received a handful of mentions. Indeed, the top ranked favorites were:

1. The Beatles
2. Kanye West
3. Radiohead
4. Rihanna

Lest there be any sense that there was consensus, one Person to Watch stated that he favors “anything that Kanye West hates.”

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Guest Blog Post by Mark Dudlik, Executive Director of Lost Creature


I’ve been an adamant supporter of AIGA for years, as a leader in the Arizona chapter and through my involvement with the organization as a whole. The group is the best and most important organization for the advancement of design and the design practice. Recently I moved to New York, and work just a few blocks from the national office.

So, writing this post has me feeling some mixed emotions.

At the most recent AIGA retreat in Philadelphia in June, a somewhat unprepared offer was put before the chapter leadership: the idea of selling the AIGA headquarters and using those funds to further AIGA’s mission. There was some serious backlash from the audience, mostly related to the lack of a clear strategic and long-term plan once that sale was completed. There was also support for the idea, I believe because many view the building in New York as an extravagancy and a tie to the past.

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