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Guest Post by David Moritz
President/Founder, Viceroy Creative

Creative agencies as a group are notorious for not tending their own branding and marketing garden as zealously as they do for their clients. It would be fairly ironic to launch into a dissertation on why these activities are important, as the very agencies I would be speaking to (my own included) will be routinely making that exact same case to their clients and prospective clients!  We all know the pitch; we make it almost daily.  It’s good, essential even, everyone needs it – then by and large why don’t we do it?  Let’s explore a few reasons, refute them, and see if we can convince ourselves to make a sustained internal marketing effort.

My own agency recently went through a successful and intense rebranding, repositioning and marketing effort where for the better part of a year we treated our own internal project in as serious, sustained, and regimented a process as we would a client project.


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The era of objectifying women and judging beauty based on one idealized standard ended a generation or two ago, at least in the public realm and polite society. But consumer advertising people are often the last to know, which may explain why many of them are taking a victory lap — some 20 years late — because of recent ad campaigns such as Dove “Real Beauty” and its progeny.


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