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Graphic Design USA Magazine

August 2014


Demographic, political, cultural and technological changes are conspiracy to make ‘health and wellness’ a rare robust segment of the economy and, accordingly, an area of opportunity for graphic designers. That energy is reflected in the early entries in our new GDUSA Health + Wellness Design Awards™. Projects already submitted touch upon traditional healthcare clients — medical doctors and nurses, hospitals and hospices, pharmaceuticals and insurance, senior and home care — as well as non-traditional and holistic products, services and practices such as fitness and exercise, yoga and meditation, healthy eating and organic foods, natural herbs and curatives. It’s a fascinating look at how advertisers, designers, packagers and marketers are addressing this phenomenon.

Entries remain open through August 15, postmarked.

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We have all been there. The sweaty palms, pounding heartbeat and dry mouth that come with anticipating a job interview. You hope you’ll get easy questions — sometimes I have — and you pray you don’t get the hard ones — sometimes I have.

The Creative Group suggest that you hope for the best but prepare for the worst. In other words (appropriate for baseball season) expect some curveballs. The creative staffing firm par excellence recently asked more than 400 advertising and marketing executives to share the toughest or trickiest interview question they pose to weed out poor candidates. Many of the queries could trip up even the savviest applicants. Here are five tough ones to contemplate:

1.  Why do you want to work here?
2.  Can you describe a frustrating workplace situation you faced and how you solved it?
3.  Why are you leaving your current position?
4.  What is your biggest weakness?
5.  Please give me a 60-second sales pitch about yourself.

In truth, I could never hit a curveball. And I wasn’t all that good with fastballs or change-ups. Luckily, The Creative Group not only throws the hard stuff but provides some coaching as well. To see tips for effectively answering these questions go to the TCG Blog.

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