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Guest Post by David Moritz
President/Founder, Viceroy Creative

Creative agencies as a group are notorious for not tending their own branding and marketing garden as zealously as they do for their clients. It would be fairly ironic to launch into a dissertation on why these activities are important, as the very agencies I would be speaking to (my own included) will be routinely making that exact same case to their clients and prospective clients!  We all know the pitch; we make it almost daily.  It’s good, essential even, everyone needs it – then by and large why don’t we do it?  Let’s explore a few reasons, refute them, and see if we can convince ourselves to make a sustained internal marketing effort.

My own agency recently went through a successful and intense rebranding, repositioning and marketing effort where for the better part of a year we treated our own internal project in as serious, sustained, and regimented a process as we would a client project.


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“Less is not necessarily more. Just enough is more.” -Milton Glaser

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Guest Post by Diane Domeyer
Executive Director, The Creative Group

Job interview coming up? Be prepared so you can avoid common missteps. According to research by The Creative Group, here are the top five ways to blow your chances with a prospective employer:

Pulling out your phone.
Before entering the building, make sure your smartphone is turned off and put away. When the interview begins, give the person you’re meeting with your undivided attention.

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Guest Post by Stewart Devlin
Chief Creative Officer at NYC-based Red Peak Branding 

We’re now a few months into 2015, and have already witnessed several of the big tech conferences — CES to MWC, Cebit and SXSW. One thing that strikes me at these events is the incredible diversity of the interfaces we are now interacting with. From smartbands and smartwatches to 3D printing to virtual and augmented reality — the content we engage with is changing in a big way. And who knows what’s coming next.

As a designer and type enthusiast, I see a lot of implications for fonts. This interface fragmentation makes me excited to see how type can adapt to new surfaces and materials. If the jump from pages to screens twenty years ago caused a massive shift in the type industry, we can only imagine the disruption that these new forms and devices will cause. The implication, of course, is that brands that want to present content on cutting-edge devices need to have the power to control the very fonts they use. This is one of the most compelling reasons to invest in the development of a proprietary font. The trend is on the uptick — and it’s no surprise. Check out some of my favorite examples below:

Red Peak Branding worked with type foundry Dalton Maag to design a global proprietary font for Intel, called Intel Clear. Watch this video to learn more about Intel Clear.


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